There is more to the logo than meets the eye.  Every line and every intersection was purposefully placed.
The image comes pays homage to all of the arts we practice, and actually holds several keys to our arts.  
There are 5 interlocked circles within the great circle; symbolic of cinco teros (5 earths) which is at the
heart of most all FMA.  It is also the foundation of the 5 Way Method, which in itself represents the 5
elements.  The Cross within the symbol represents the 4 quadrants of 5 Way's movements, while the "X"
in the center is the key to Kombatan's footwork and striking.  Together, they form the Araw, or sun pattern,
which is a striking pattern in Kadena Kruzada.  The placement of the elements is no accident; one can
find the figure 8, the Yin & Yang, the striking patters and footwork of all of our arts, all contained in a
symbol that has symmetry and