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Kapitiran Mandirigma Home Site
(The KM home, and website of Shelley Millspaugh, my primary instructor and head of the KM family)

Archipelago Sandata
A website dedicated to weaponry for the arts originating in the Archipelago.

Kapitiran Mandirigma - NYC Chapter
My good friend Damon Abraham's brotherhood in the Big Apple.

Maju Bela Diri
(Grandmaster Jeff Sprawls)

Stomping Ass
(John Castillo, our resident BJJ expert and all around cool dude.)

Officer Survival
"Joe Snuffy's" site, based in KC, with a spin on Military and LE.
(Site by Avi Nardia, our Israeli Counter-Terrorism friend)

Archipelago Sandata Weapons LLC
(Site for weaponry related to our arts)

A Loan At Last Pawn Shop
Local Knife Dealers in South Wichita (Guns and other Martial Arts supplies, too).  47th and K-15, south
end of the shopping mall.