Seems I need to express myself at times...
I started this page as a place to pay homage to heros.   It has evolved into a place to share my point of
view, or the point of view of another friend/intructor/acquaintance, or sometimes just go on a rant.  This
page would be my own little exercise in creative writing.  If you're easily offended or 24/7 PC, then you
should probably just skip this page and move on.  I don't expect everyone (sometimes not anyone) to
agree with my points of view... but I sure don't plan on apologizing for them either.  Consider yourself
1. GM Presas: Living Legend
2. Politics in the Martial Arts?
3. The Enemy Within
4. Martial Application
5. What are you training for?
6. Defenders of the Faith
7. Amongst the Greats
8.  Tears of the Wolves
9.  The Mandirigma