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Arnis, Kali, Escrima…  these are common names for the arts of the
Philippines.  They are usually associated with “stick fighting” because the
rattan stick is the most utilized training tool.  It isn’t often seen in the
movies, and therefore not glamorized as are some of the more popular

However, the arts of the Philippines have a formidable reputation and a
long history of use against those who sought to conquer the islands.   The
people of the region were fierce fighters, utilizing strange edged weapons,
combination weapons, and essentially anything at their disposal to defend
their homes.  The arts were handed down through generations, nearly
disappearing except for a few revered masters who had been taught the
arts in their pure forms.  

Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas is one man who has kept his art intact and
continues to show it’s effectiveness in today’s world.   Through the teaching
of his father as well as having applied his vast expertise of other arts, he
brings us Kombatan today.  

More and more people are learning that the art of Kombatan is much more
than tapping sticks.  It is a timeless combat system which uses not only the
rattan sticks, but also a variety of edged weaponry as well as empty hand
combat and grappling.   Students learn to apply techniques with weapons
and then translate those movements to empty-handed applications.  The
system is for everyone, from the safety-conscious citizen to the law
enforcement specialist.

The system has been taught in Wichita since 1994.  Vincent Pernice is the
current resident teacher, holding the rank of Master Instructor under Guro
Shelley Millspaugh and Grandmaster Presas.  For more information on the
system, contact at vince@k2kombatan.com
Grandmaster Presas
founded IPMAF and the
art of Kombatan.  The
Wichita school has been
a charter member since
The art of
Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas