The 5 Way Method

Grandmaster Steve Todd has seen and done some amazing things.  He has studied a variety of arts with
some of the most notable names in the business, folks like Pendekar Willem De Thouars, Grandmaster
Ernesto A. Presas, Guro Dan Inosanto to name a few.  His resume is extensive (see the 5 Way Method
home page for a complete dossier).  Grandmaster Jeff Sprawls is no slouch either.  His martial resume is
also extensive and diverse.  Together, these two accomplished fighters and teachers created a new system
using the best of Indonesian, Chinese, and Filipino martial arts.

What makes the system different and exciting is the way it’s taught.  All of the tactics and fighting strategies
are present, but they’re part of a simple count and pattern that keeps the practitioner from wondering what to
do next in any given situation.

Not only is it totally comprehensive in that it addresses every nature of combat (armed and unarmed, in every
range including ground fighting), but it also encourages the healing aspects of the arts as well.  This internal
study has all but vanished in today’s world. Grandmaster Todd has recognized the value of this training and
its link to the combat applications:  “We can’t practice the internal martial arts with too much intensity on one
another; none of us would live through the training.  However, we can cultivate that intensity by studying the
internal healing aspects, and the martial internal will follow.”

The system has proved effective in self defense application and Law Enforcement practices.  Yet it is easily
understood and grasped by practitioners with no prior martial arts training… even children.

The system is now an key component of the Kapitiran Mandirigma group.  In particular, the system's
translation to Law Enforcement applications make it easy to apply and retain in a short amount of time.
Grandmaster Todd recently moved
to Wyoming.  If you live a bit farther
out, schedule a visit, or see about
bringing GM Steve out to your place
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